Storyteller GameThe board game, titled The Storytellerwas created by Geelong Wathaurong/Ngarrindjeri man Glenn Shea, who was a youth justice worker at the Wathaurong Aborginal Co-operative when the game was created. 

The idea for The Storyteller evolved through Glenn's personal experience of working with Aboriginal adolescents and young people. 

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Mr Glenn Shea
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Storyteller gets on board to share the knowledge of his culture and heritage

The Storyteller Leaflet

"I have worked as a Support Facilitator when Glenn uses The Storyteller to train agencies on Aboriginal Cultural Competency, and sometimes I go with Sheenagh Mulroy to play it with Reconciliation Groups in Victoria.

Glenn trained us through playing the game each week for about 6 months before we went to support him in using it.

I am deeply moved at being part of the powerful experience of many people playing the game and having realisations about their own history and their work roles. I am also repeatedly reminded how little I know - that my upbringing was about learning to turn aside as a white person from our collective history. Learning now is enriching many areas of my life, including the opportunities for a truly sustainable life together."
Vicky Grosser: Geelong One FireReconciliaiton Group member

The Storyteller at Reconciliation in the Park 2017

The Storyteller at Reconciliation in the Park 2017